Guide  to Investigating

There are two types of investigations, an organised event investigation where you pay a fee and then you’re looked after for the night with munchies and tea/coffee, with an investigation to boot! Depending on the events company, whether they’re doing serious investigating or not, will depict what sort of night you’ll have, it may be may be very “active”, but whether you’re a serious investigator or not, there’s always something to cater for everyone, however experienced you are. NOTE-: Always do your research on any events companies before you part with your hard earned cash.

And then there’s your own team investigation, one that we want to concentrate on.


We asked some people before, “what’s the most important thing on an investigation?” They would say to us, “to capture evidence of the afterlife, of course”. Even if that ultimately is the goal, it certainly shouldn’t be your first objective, as it’s merely a very small part of the bigger picture, if you’re lucky.


When you have found a place that you want to investigate, and you’re ALLOWED to be there. Different countries, different laws. Don’t get caught out, KNOW YOUR LAWS!

We have always maintained that two people is the least amount of people you should go on an investigation with, however, some like to go on their own. If that’s what you want to do, make sure someone always! knows where you are. More people could contribute to audio contamination, making it harder to debunk. Trust your fellow investigator, if you don’t, the nights over before it’s begun.


Know your location, more so if it’s an abandoned building. Never go in with the “it won’t happen to me” attitude, abandoned buildings ARE dangerous, and they HAVE claimed lives...LOTS! Safety always has to be paramount, recce the location in the daylight. Learn it. Know what’s around you at all times, and we are not talking about spirit! Give them the respect they deserve, which brings us to our next point...Respect!


Whether it’s a building, a person or even spirit. Always have respect for absolutely everything and everyone you come across. Shouting at fresh air won’t give you any results, and it’s disrespectful. We’re in their space at the end of the day.


The bare minimum of equipment we would take would be a digital recorder, anything less would just be a personal experience. We have an obsessive tendency to record absolutely everything on every investigation we're on. Whether it’s with a camera or recorder, you just never know when something might happen. Also, know your equipment, don’t just guess how it works, know how it works. That way you’ll understand the results you’re getting, and may think more logically of what could be causing fluctuations in equipment.


Never assume everything or anything is paranormal, always think logically. Could it have been an animal? Dropping masonry? Could it be dust? A bug maybe? Always try to debunk EVERYTHING! It makes it that more special when you can’t.


There is no right or wrong way to investigate, Only a way you should do it, and a way you shouldn’t 😉 Everything doesn’t work for everyone, believe in what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. Integrity, Honesty and Respect are all you need to be a good paranormal investigator. We've always believed that spirits know the intent of anyone and everyone that they come across. If you’re there with good intent, then you’ll one day experience the most amazing thing that you’ll ever experience. Then you’re hooked 😉 


TOP TIP-: If you fart, cough, belly rumble, sneeze, sing, speak, walk or move! Make sure you mark it by mentioning it. Recorders are amazing at making these noises into something else. It’s a habit we've managed to stick with, and has been valuable in explaining ‘some’ evps we’ve caught.