Spectral Paranormal is a paranormal investigation and research intelligence team based all over the United Kingdom and consists of 20+ experienced investigators, working together with the groups mentioned below in para unity who's major hobby is performing  and carrying out paranormal investigations as well as researching and gathering intelligence on the paranormal.
We are fully affiliated to Scottish Ghost Adventures, Fenland Paranormal, Let's Find Ghosts & E.A.P.I. (East Anglia Paranormal Investigations) to which all 20+ investigators are included. Some of our Investigators are Empaths and Sensitives which are totally different from being mediums. We have 1 qualified Parapsychologist and a dedicated researcher on specialist topics.
Our primary aim is to fully investigate and research the unknown to try and prove existence of the afterlife and to offer some insight and educate as to what may be causing certain phenomena!

We need to point out that we do look at and investigate locations and activity scientifically using electronic tools as well as performing 'old school' techniques and look at all natural explanations before even considering if it is paranormal!

We are constantly updating the website with new content as and when possible so please do check back for updates.


As most of us work, it may take some time to update the website especially between working, investigating and researching. We do keep the website updated as much as possible.


This website is mainly for informative purposes only. However, if you think that something is missing, you don't think is right then please do email us, the contact details are on the contact us page, and we will look into this. We sincerely hope that you will find the website interesting and informative and do hope you enjoy your visit.


Thank you for taking the time to look around.